Columbia Computer Science

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rick Rashid: Mobile applications to bring back excitement to CS

In a keynote address at MobiSys 2005, Rick Rashid speculates on reasons for the decreased interest in Computer Science, such as "maybe computers aren't getting faster, maybe the jobs aren't going to be there, maybe IT really isn't helping people". He then discusses developments such as the capture of all of life via SenseCams:
we've made a transition from what I would say is just being able to store files to the point where disk drives are now large enough, the storage we have available is large enough that we're at a point now where an individual can store much of what they would generate during their lives.
Rashid also mentions new input and output devices using any flat surface, SPOT (the watch network) and "self-managing, self-connected and interactive" networks.